• Customized look

    Customized for your needs

When the look and the colors are important

To match the interior design and to give a last touch to the lighting we deliver the lamps also as customized. We customize the colors of all parts, the cord, the ceilig cup and the shade.

When you still miss something, ask for it because we want to customize.


The cord can be selected among 50 different fabric colors of high quality.

For the alternative of a plastic cord we offer the colors black, white or transparent.

The length can be 2-5 m.


Ceiling cups

Style the interior with another color of the ceiling cup.

Select among the optional colors and sizes in Black, Red, Silver and Bronze. Our standard color is white.

CC Classic Black 5178
CC Classic Red 5193 CC Classic Silver 5202 CC Classic Copper 5191

Your own project color of the acrylic shade

Color matching to the interior with a own color of the shade.

We work together with several of the biggest suppliers of acrylic sheets.

Acrylic colour sheets cutlasercut
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