• LED light bulbs

    LED-light sources that works fine together with our acrylic lighting.

For interior projects and retailers.

As an option we offer LED-light sources. We offer high quality LED-bulbs that are selected to work fine together with our acrylic lighting.

Contact our sales and ask for the best choice of non-dimmable or dimmable LED-light sources to our different lamp models.


Design: Classic A

Diameter: 60 mm

  1. E27, 810lm, 2700K, 25000h, A+, 9,5W, Dimmable
  2. E27, 1060lm, 2700K, 25000h, A+, 12W, Dimmable
  3. E27, 810lm, 2700K, 15000h, A+ 9W
52632 No Packaging Angled Reflection

Design: Mini Globe

Diameter: 45 mm

E27, 250lm, 2700K, 20000h, A+, 3,5W

52640 Global No Packaging Angled Reflection


Design: Globe

Diameter: 95 mm

E27, 810lm, 2700K, 20000h, A+, 10W, Dimmable

52611 Global No Packaging Angled

Diameter: 125 mm

E27, 720lm, 2700K, 15000h, A+, 7W, Dimmable

LED 7W D125 2700K E27