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    The Kera Interior indoor lamps represent Nordic design. They complement any Scandinavian-style interior in an elegant way.

Home interior

Give room for imagination and creativity.

Flip milieu Galileo Black milieu1 Galileo Black with cover milieu2 skyflyer messu-uutiseen Sky Flyer 70 Studio Session-29923 Sky Flyer 70 Home Interior La Boheme 39 Opal Milieu Dipol Blue Studio Session-29632 Dipol Red Studio Session-29656 Dipol Smoke Studio Session-29553
reflex milieu Leonardo 80 milieu Leonardo 43 hanging light SUR Leonardo 43 Studio Session-29796 Diamond Studio Session-29726 Umbrella milieu Monopol Clear Studio Session-29503 Monopol Orange Studio Session-29428 Monopol Smoke Studio Session-29473 Monopol Smoke Studio Session-29466
Dipoli milieu Kiiruna milieu La Boheme 55 Opal milieu1 La Boheme 55 Opal milieu2 Stan milieu kitchen Stan milieu Annabell Smoke Milieu Luoto Studio Session-29860 New York on P