Orno Classics

Sky Flyer® Ø50

Ceiling lights

RRP 314.00 €

This famous light has been incorporated to the collection of Orno lighting factory in 1959. The light was manufactured by Sanka Ltd for almost four decades. In 1998, manufacturing was transferred to Keraplast. Kera Interior continues production with the original molds and 50-year-old work practices. This symmetric light, hanging in the ball chain, manufactures in 500 mm and 700 mm diameters. The timeless form and the sophisticated light of the white acrylic material have made Sky Flyer a Finnish national interior item that can be given as an inheritance to the children. The lamp was awarded the debut year 1959 at the Milan Triennale. In the beginning it was called ‘Flying saucher’, wence the today Sky Flyer-name is derived. Sky Flyer™ is now the widely registered trademark of this original lamp.