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    The Kera Interior indoor lamps represent Nordic design. They complement any Scandinavian-style interior in an elegant way.

Ideas for interior design projects

Together we will find the matching style and colors to your project.

With some unique lamps and high knowledge in the use of acrylic, is Kera Interior involved in many projects. For those seeking a new image that enables standing apart through interior lighting, our company offers collaboration with architects and interior design professionals.

Special lamps colors and cord colors are available for projects.

Designers: load 3D lamp files (.3ds) below.

Kera Interior 3D
14.8 Mt, updated on 2015-11-20
diamond miljoo laskos miljoo luoto miljoo Kera 3 IMG 1194 imagethumb3 imagethumb4 Mio cafe Leonardo Mio Lekhörnan Green Leonardo
galileo miljoo Galileo Ø60 on P lisabel miljoo Trend Exhibition 2015-02-03 12 57 47 Lisabell web 05-562x572 Lisabell web 01-1156x572 monopol miljoo wing miljoo Kera 2 Kera 1 sky flyereita jyväskylän yliopisto (ID 1711)
la boheme silhuette miljoo Siluette on P lotus miljoo sky flyer night sky new york miljoo stockholm furniture fair 150203-150207 058 stockholm furniture fair 150203-150207 059 Kera röd spalje 2 Kera röd spalje