• Unique design

    KERA Interior® is a brand of unique designed interior lights of acrylic material which is also optimal for light translucency.


    Lighting fixtures are gorgeous interior design elements bringing harmonic light to homes and public premises.

    Smart Control

    We continue manufacture of Orno classic lights based on the rights acquired.

    Genuine classics
  • Made by Finland

    Kera Interior® is a Finnish handmade product through and through, starting with the design.

    Unique look

For interior design projects

With some unique handmade lamps and high knowledge in the use of acrylic, is Kera Interior involved in many projects. For those seeking a new image that enables stands apart by interior lighting, our company offers cooperation with architects and interior designers.


Looking for ideas?

For home decorators

The Kera Interior indoor lamps represent Nordic design. They complement any Scandinavian-style interior in an elegant way. Kera Interior is a Finnish product through and through, starting with the design. The starting point for the production is more than 45 years of experience in the shaping of acrylic - optically the ideal lamp material.


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